5 Ways to Holiday Shop Without the Drop


5 Ways to Holiday Shop Without the Drop

Sure the holidays can be festive and fun...but they can also be extremely tough on feet, ankles, legs, and knees. Shopping for hours, standing in long checkout lines, attending holiday parties, cooking, traveling to friends and relatives, lugging packages to the post office…PHEW!

And for the millions of Americans who work in retail, it also means long shifts on the job, standing up stocking shelves or at the register ringing up customers. Wearing fashionable boots, heels, and other non-sensible footwear also takes its toll, causing tired, achy, cranky, sore and swollen feet and aching legs. Then there’s dancing the night away at holiday parties that put feet through their paces.

No one wants soreness or injuries to slow them down, so it’s important to care for your feet so they can carry you through all those seasonal celebrations and chores. It is possible to shop without dropping and enjoy the holidays more with less pain.

1. Comfortable Footwear

When shopping or doing errands, leave heels at home and wear comfortable shoes. Athletic shoes, flats, or low-heeled boots with good arch support and padded soles help increase comfort and prevent ankle and foot pain that results in wearing heels. We’re a fan of Dansko shoes for shopping.

2. Bring a Buddy

One of the best times to ask for help is when you're holiday shopping. If you can, bring someone friend, spouse, or neighbor with you to help navigate through all the sales displays, while helping to distribute the weight of all those shopping bags. Be sure to lighten your load by making frequent trips to the car to drop off packages.

3. Carry Lightly

Instead of logging around a heavy purse, carry a small back or fanny pack to make it easier when checking out. Ameribag, aka "The Healthy Back Bag" has a great selection to choose from, and helps to reduce stress on the neck, back, and shoulders.

4. Drink Up and Break Often

Keep your energy up by taking frequent breaks to enjoy a snack, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. We like Dopper water bottles that are not only sustainable, but for every bottle sold, Dopper® gives 5% of their sales to water and sanitation projects for clean drinking water worldwide.

5. Prevention is Key

Do some self-care prepping before heading out! Applying Topricin Foot Pain Relief Cream  for a heavy-duty day of holiday shopping, hours of travel, and those long lines. We recommend massaging a generous amount around your usual trigger areas such as legs, ankles, feet and all around your knees. This quickly helps to maximize the body’s prevention and repairing process to keep you comfortable. Massage again when you return home, or soak your feet in a warm magnesium salt bath (we like Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Bath Salt Soaking Solution). After drying off, massage in Topricin Foot Cream for soothing relief.

EXTRA TIP: Running your feet over a reflexology roller, a golf ball, or tennis ball after application also gives feet a great massage.




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