Holiday Cooking with Topricin


Holiday Cooking with Topricin

Roast, gravy, cherry pie, OH, MY! Whether preparing a massive feast or baking some seasonal sweets, the last thing you need to worry about is a kitchen burn!

Burns tend to hurt more than other common scrapes because the pain is a lengthy, elongated experience. From the initial sear, the burn continues to trigger neurons, building into an almost unbearable stinging, where the body can only focus on the alarm of pain. Oil burns are some of the worst because they attach to the skin, coating and sticking the burn deeper and deeper.

That’s why we recommend stocking your kitchen pantry with Topricin After Burn Cream – Its 14 natural active ingredients helps to soothe burns instantly while promoting rapid healing. PLUS, After Burn Cream is also odor-free, so no risk of spoiling the delicious aroma of your food!


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