Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain relief and self-care can be a complex and convoluted topic. We aim to help you not only with pair relief, but also by providing information. Click on the questions below to expand the answer, and if your question isn't covered, please contact us.

What is Topricin?

Topricin is a non-analgesic, non-chemical, patented pain relief and healing cream technology. It uses a select combination of high quality natural homeopathic biomedicines. These medicines relieve pain through stimulating an enhanced healing response assisting the body’s desire to heal the damage that is causing the pain in joints, nerves and muscles. This innovative 21st Century healing technology works at the cellular level, rapidly relieving pain associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and nerve-related pain in a non-irritating, non-greasy, odorless, moisturizing, water-based formula. Topricin contains no petroleum or chemical preservatives (parabens) — making it the ideal pain treatment that’s safe for the entire family.

Topricin was awarded a patent for treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy in 2010. Introduced in 1994 by Topical BioMedics, Inc. in Rhinebeck, NY, Topricin was invented by Lou Paradise, the company’s president and chief of research. There is simply no other product like it anywhere and it is guaranteed to work for you. If you are looking to reduce or eliminate dependency on all chemical-based oral pain pills and the side effects they produce, Topricin is for you.

How does Topricin work?

Topricin is thought to work by helping the body balance its own healing chemistries, as the body naturally wants to drain toxins from the affected pain area and restore normal blood flow to achieve homeostatic balance (the body’s optimal healing mode). It is the body’s healing response that brings rapid, lasting pain relief, and with Topricin you will enjoy many benefits and no side effects.

How do I use Topricin?

Apply Topricin wherever you are experiencing pain. Its creamy, moisturizing formula is odorless, greaseless, and rapidly absorbed. Topricin provides soothing, rapid relief in about 15 to 20 minutes from the first application, and lasts for 4 to 6 hours. It is recommended that you use Topricin 3 to 4 times a day. Always re-apply Topricin before bed and in the morning for best results. For severe pain you can use Topricin every half hour until the pain subsides.

What is the difference between the formulas?

Topricin original formula has 11 Bio-medicines to help with muscle aches and pains/knee, shoulder, back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel etc. while the Foot Pain Relief has 14 Bio-medicines in it to help with Foot pain, nerve pain, plantar fasciitis, gout, etc.

How often do I need to apply it?

We strongly suggest to apply our products in the morning, then 2-4 times throughout the day and then again before bedtime.

Is Topricin safe to use if you are taking other medications?

Topricin will not interfere with any other medication you may be taking. It provides safe, effective relief — without side effects — and may actually help reduce your need for all classes of chemical based oral pain pills. Always be sure to check with your doctor anytime you are considering self-help treatments of any kind.

Is Topricin safe to use while pregnant?

Topricin is a completely safe, effective treatment for the swelling of the ankles and feet, muscle cramps and nerve pain common in pregnancy. It is among a few pain relief products safe for pregnant women and children. It is often recommended for the aches and pains of pregnancy by doctors. Always let your doctor know about any self-help treatments you are considering while pregnant.

Is Topricin safe for children?

All of our Topricin products contain none of the chemicals found in many popular personal care and analgesic topical products. This is why it is safe for everyone from 2 to 102, and the only topical pain reliever highly recommended by pediatricians for providing fast, safe, gentle relief for all the bumps, bruises, and other boo boos little ones get. Our Topricin Junior is often recommended by doctors as the best choice for children’s pain compared to all children’s oral pain medications.

Is Topricin safe for diabetics?

Topricin is completely safe for diabetics, and is especially soothing for the burning, throbbing nerve pain in the feet, ankles and legs. Topricin also contains medicines for treating the dryness or cracking skin of the feet. Our Topricin Foot Pain Relief is best in these circumstances. Diabetics should maintain regular visits with their doctor, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and follow his/her recommendations. Always let your doctor know when you are considering any self-help treatments.

What else makes Topricin different from the other pain relief?

Topricin is a non-analgesic healing technology. Unlike all over-the-counter (OTC), chemical-based oral pain pills and topical analgesic products (hot, smelly, greasy ointments), Topricin is free of the chemicals which cause life-threatening side effects. Topricin contains no petroleum or parabens or any other harsh chemicals. Topricin produces no side effects, making it ideal for the entire family.

No Acetaminophen (a leading cause of liver damage and failure in the United States)

No Ibuprofen (kidney damage, ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding, Ibuprofen has been found to increase the risk of high blood pressure and stroke in people with a history of cardiovascular disease)

No Naproxen is toxic and damaging to the stomach and intestinal tract. It is known to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Topricin has no side effects (safe for the entire family)

No parabens, petroleum, or other chemicals (all linked to serious medical conditions)

No capsaicin, menthol, or other potentially harmful irritants (these ingredients are not safe for children)

Where can I buy Topricin?

Topricin is available in stores nationwide, including: Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Wegmans, Pharma-ca, Fred Meyer, CVS, Walgreens, Vitamin Cottage, and other fine independent retailers.

Is Topricin guaranteed?

Topricin is backed by a full no nonsense 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the container and unused portion to place of purchase with your receipt, and we will refund your money.

Who uses Topricin?

Topricin is used and recommended by:

Health Practitioners: MDs, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. In fact, Topricin is mandatory treatment protocol for post-surgical protocol at a number of well-known medical centers in the New York Metropolitan area.

Pain suffers with: Arthritis, lower back pain, carpal tunnel, nerve pain, work/sports related repetitive motion and cumulative trauma injuries and much more.

Active People: World-class athletes, triathletes, Olympians, marathoners and professional trainers in football baseball and basketball all use Topricin. Weekend warriors, youth and senior citizens and people like you. We are delighted that Topricin provides key benefits to our wounded warriors and veterans returning to civilian life. Testimonials come daily from people across the country who have indicated their hope and quality of life is restored using Topricin.

Does your company offer other products?


Award-winning Topricin® Foot Pain Relief Cream, especially formulated for painful foot and ankle injuries and ailments.

Topricin® Fibro Cream, for those who suffer from fibromyalgia and is specifically formulated to help you live a pain-free life.

Topricin® Afterburn Cream is the safe, natural alternative to treating all burns without using chemical-based lotions and ointments.

Topricin® Sports Cream is used for sports related injuries and pain.

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